Modus vivendi is the Latin combination of modus (way) and Vivendi (of life).  A way of life or of dealing with each other’s differences through what is connecting.

A modus vivendi is to achieve a compromise between individuals, groups, parties, organizations, who disagree on more than one point but chose for the best of possible worlds.

This is what I would like to achieve for all people and families I work with. Parents try to give their children the most opportunities to develop as possible and their emotional well-being is a key corner stone for this. 

I support people in their relationship with others by recognizing emotions and a way to deal with it. Through dialogue, in the broadest sense of the word, I aim to improve an individual’s connection with others and with themselves.

The discussion enable new insights and ideas. By listening to each other needs, new possibilities are created and a new way of co-existing is possible by finding solutions to concrete problems.

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Any party may withdraw from mediation at any time.


The mediator will guard mutual respect and the communication process